Brenda's Mugs, The Warren, St Ives

Bird's Eye, St Ives

Down Along St Ives With Charmaine's Jug

Demsen's, Lythe Valley

Gulliver, Mousehole

Capsten House, Sennen

Breton Gaff Rig, Sennen

Breakers Yard, Plymouth

Willy Lot's cottage

December Sun

Pont Neuf, Paris

Cottages, Cape Cornwall

Cantilever Bridge, Amsterdam

Cat and Dog

Zennor in the Snow

Pont Des Arts

Orange Box

Jeremy's Parents

Flax Field

Cottages in Newlyn

Chateau, Brittany

Buoys, Truro Quay

Breton Cottage Spring Tide

Mousehole Abstract

Leighton Moss

Lavens Hall Topiary

Cadques, Spain